Easy Data Entry

,allows your budget to be owned by the entire company and reduce the data entry responsibility by including your employees in the budget process.


Active Reporting

With the flexible structure of reporting and dashboard tools, you'll have quick and amazing reports.


United Budget System

With efficient data communication of the modules, transactions in one module can impact your other modules instantly and increase your budget efficiency.


Proactive Decision Process

provides analytical solutions to your future decisions by supporting your company's historical data, industry dynamics and future expectations with statistics.


High Speed Performance

With the latest data storage techniques and the enhanced database structure, your most challenging tasks are completed in seconds.

Speed Increase - 100%


Its simple, clear screen layout and user-friendly structure allow all your company employees to quickly adapt to the budget process.

Satisfaction - 100%

Experienced Team

Knowledgeable staff on Budget Planning, Reporting and Business Processes add value to your budget processes to ensure effective construction.

Experience - 100%

System Integration

By integrating with SAP, Oracle, Logo, Netsis, Excel and many other systems, you can complete your budgeting process quickly, safely and consistently.

System Compliance-100%

Two-Way Data Flow

The feedback of ERP systems goes beyond budget reporting and allows controlling budget process.

Budget Control - 100%

Quick Installation

Our experienced team completes your setup in a short time with minimum effort with well-designed budget Know-How.

Installation Speed - 100%