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The budget process takes considerable time and effort to be completed in companies, and with the rise of the business becomes more complex and more difficult. LivaBudget will support you to make the right decisions by increasing the accuracy in your budgeting processes, eliminate the complexity of spreadsheets, make your budget more easier and make different budget scenarios to create a broad perspective for decision makers.

With LivaBudget you can plan your activities in a short, medium and long term which is one of the most important features that help you to create your company's economic activities and ensure the smooth growthing of sales and production to move towards to your budget targets. The executives use our budget solution to shape the company units and to direct and manage the company's objectives, in line with the vision, mission, policy and strategies they designate.


Interactive Budget

Is increasing the collaboration between departments which increase the performance in budget processes.

Fully Integrated Budget

All budget modules are well integrated with each other which İncrease the efficiency.

Gain A Deep Insight

Utility of important data to get the best budget by seeing deep image of your reports to adjust your budget for top results.

Detailed Budget

Every detail will be included in your budget which will increase the accuracy in the process.


The targets in company will be known by all departments.