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Decision makers use forecast wich is a technique that uses historical data as inputs for an upcoming period of time. to make informed estimates that are predictive in determining the future trends, and whether events affecting the company, such as sales forecasts, will increase or decrease . and it provides an important criterion for companies.


Boost Accuracy

Because it is not easily predictable at the enterprise level, our system allows you to create accurate predictions away from spreadsheets, so you will get a high level of matching and consistency.

Rolling Forecast

With LivaBudget you will forget about the static and fixed forecasts that are created for each quarter or a year. Now rolling forecasts enables you to work constantly updated data.

Fits Your Needs

In your business you will need some different needs to forecasting, with livaBudget you can make your predictions fits to your business, and Create forecasts based on cash flow, production, sales and finances, using timeline that is perfect to your business.

Increase Collaboration

Tired from tracking your input, changes and approval by mail chains and inefficient conference calls? Now with LivaBudget you will track them easily and quickly.