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Your company's senior executives require a large amount of financial information to make business decisions. In order to produce financial information, a financial decision support system must be established. In addition to financial management decisions, the decision support system will support strategic management, marketing management, production and human resources management.

Financial information consists of budget, financial statements, cost information, cash tables, capital expenditure analyzes, internal audit reports, etc. The production of such information will be possible with the financial decision support system.

with us, you can use Livabudget decision support systems to support decision-making processes using this data to ensure that all data is accurately checked. LivaBudget supports the management of financial resources and investment plans for these resources and the control of all financial activities in a more scientific and consistent manner. You can get the processing data generated by the LivaBudget decision support system as a rule and with improvements to it, you can get data that allows you to pay your debts as they accrue.

Learn more about LivaBudget decision support systems and discover the world of support decisions.